Billing and Ordering Information

Payment for this test is the responsibility of the patient.The patient may pay with Visa, MasterCard, money order or check made payable to "Innovative Reproductive Solutions" in the amount of $595.00 US dollars. Payment must be submitted with the specimen. Patients will receive a receipt in the mail which may be submitted to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. Innovative Reproductive Solutions will not bill patients or process insurance claims. Due to the nature of the test, specimens that have been inappropriately collected cannot be determined as unacceptable for testing until testing has been completed. Innovative Reproductive Solutions will not issue reimbursement for improperly collected specimens.

New physicians interested in ordering the E-tegrity Test must fill out the “Physician Information Form.” This completed form must be faxed to 1-617-956-9979. The order will be processed within 2 weeks. Specimen Return kits and supplies, including shipping, are provided free of charge.

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