Patterns of Integrin Expression

There are three typical patterns:

1. Beta-3 integrin POSITIVE with an “in-phase” endometrium from cycle days 20–24 (7–11 days post LH surge) is a normal pattern of expression.

2. Beta-3 integrin NEGATIVE with an “out-of-phase” endometrium occurs in a patient with Luteal Phase Defect; following treatment the patient is advised to undergo a repeat biopsy to confirm diagnosis.1

3. Beta-3 integrin NEGATIVE in a patient with a normal “in phase” endometrium is associated with unexplained infertility,1 minimal or mild endometriosis,2 or hydrosalpinx. 3

The E-tegrity test:

  • Identifies endometrial quality
  • Determines Beta-3 integrin presence
  • Provides a histologic evaluation of the endometrium
Endometrial Cycle


Sample Collection

Endometrial quality is identified during the window of implantation. It is crucial that the patient have a carefully timed endometrial biopsy. The specimen must be collected on cycle days 20–24 (7–11 days post LH surge).

The biopsy must be sent to Innovative Reproductive Solutions, the only licensed provider of the E-tegrity Test.


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